Gestational/diabetes in pregnancy

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Gestational/diabetes in pregnancy

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RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: PROSPECTIVE EVALUATION OF THE MANAGEMENT OF GESTATIONAL DIABETES AND MATERNAL AND NEONATAL OUTCOMES IN A TERTIARY HEALTH FACILITY IN SOUTH AFRICA By (Name) Course Professor’s Name University City, State Date Research methodology Research methodology is perceived as an approach by which a study problem is solved systematicallyCITATION CRK041 p 1 l 1033 (Kothari, 2004, p. 1). It relies on well-defined data collection and data analysis sections. The data collection and analysis sections are perceived as the most crucial phases of any research since the data collected provides an insight into the decisions made by the researcher. They also present the researcher with a platform to present the methods used in the gathering of data, in a bid to provide a framework for the comparison of the researcher’s findings and the perceived knowledge. Having a properly-structured methodology enables the comprehensive coverage of the objectives of a study. The researcher can make use of descriptive, correlational, or explanatory studies, depending on their general perspective of the world and their philosophical beliefs (Rajasekar et al., 2013). Descriptive studies seek to explain existing phenomena and to define the researcher’s attitude towards various issuesCITATION CRK041 p 2 l 1033 (Kothari, 2004, p. 2). These studies generally address the outlook issues from the phenomena under study. Correlational studies seek to establish the existing relationship between the present variablesCITATION…

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