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Glee Home Company

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MBA Finance
Applied Research Dissertation
Glee Home Corporation Performance In Relation To Corporate Social Responsibility
One of the biggest concerns for the Glee Home Company is the way it relates to the public. Recently, the company has had problems with its image and the way it relates to its clients. It is crucial to find the route course of this problem to maintain the standards of the company
The relationship between financial performance and corporate social responsibility has been a topic of extensive empirical research. As a member of the Glee House Company, it is my responsibility to solve the problem of the derailed public image. Both concepts are a responsibility of the firm. The public image is the primary focus of an institution. Hence, a firm has to ensure that it takes care of its role as a socially responsible corporation. Hence, as financial assistance, my mission is to look into this problem and come up with the possible solutions. This is the main reason for this research. This research will look at the measures about the recent issues dealing with the corporate social responsibilities in Glee Home Corporation.

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