How Christianity has affected Kamba marriage traditions

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How Christianity has affected Kamba marriage traditions

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INFLUENCE OF CHRISTIANITY ON KAMABA MARRIAGES By (Name) Course: Instructor: Institution: Date: Abstract The spread of Christianity has led to assimilation and change of lifestyle of people across the world and especially in Africa where the local people’s traditions have been viewed as being backward and undesirable by the westerners. The Akamba of Kenya is among the African communities that have had to adopt new practices abandoning their own to embrace Christianity. Through Christianity, there has been disruption of local marriage customs and assimilation into European colonial beliefs, full adoption of Christian elements being integrated into local traditions, and the emergence of new cultural phenomena following mix of tradition and Christianity. Pentecostalism and charismatic churches have arisen replacing mainline churches that were more accommodative of ethnic practices. Christian marriages that advocate for love, understanding, and fear of God have come in the place of customary ones that focused on respect and accommodation. New phenomenal practices both positive and negative emerged following the mix of Christianity and traditional historical conventions. Introduction The spread of Christianity across the globe has had major impacts on the lives of those who were assimilated causing a change of lifestyle and customs Africa has not been an exception to the influence with most of what was perceived as ancient or crude practices by the whites being either modified or completely abandoned in the…

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