Mary Queen of Scots her Trail and Execution

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Mary Queen of Scots her Trail and Execution

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STRATEGIC POLITICS INVOLVED IN THE IMPRISONMENT, TRIAL, AND EXECUTION OF MARY STUART, QUEEN OF SCOTS Name Course + Code Date Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u 1.Introduction PAGEREF _Toc534506740 h 21.1.Performance and Spectacle at Court PAGEREF _Toc534506741 h 31.2.The Concept of Kairos PAGEREF _Toc534506742 h 42.The Making of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland PAGEREF _Toc534506743 h 62.1.Early Life (1542 – 1548) PAGEREF _Toc534506744 h 62.2.Education and Integration into French Society (1549 – 1556) PAGEREF _Toc534506745 h 62.3.Mary’s Marriages PAGEREF _Toc534506746 h 92.3.1.King Francis II of France PAGEREF _Toc534506747 h 92.3.2.Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley PAGEREF _Toc534506748 h 102.3.3.James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell PAGEREF _Toc534506749 h 122.4.The Role of Mary’s Personal Life in Her Imprisonment and Execution PAGEREF _Toc534506750 h 133.The Imprisonment of Mary Stuart PAGEREF _Toc534506751 h 153.1.Imprisonment in Scotland PAGEREF _Toc534506752 h 153.2.The Trial Years (1568-1572) PAGEREF _Toc534506753 h 163.3.Appeal for Mercy (1582) PAGEREF _Toc534506754 h 173.4.The Last Two Years (1585 – 1587) PAGEREF _Toc534506755 h 194.The Trial and Execution of Mary Stuart PAGEREF _Toc534506756 h 224.1.Charges Placed Against the Queen of Scots PAGEREF _Toc534506757 h 224.2.Charges Placed Against Queen Elizabeth I by Mary Queen of Scots (1582) PAGEREF _Toc534506758 h 244.3.The Cecil Manuscripts PAGEREF _Toc534506759 h 254.4.The Execution PAGEREF _Toc534506760 h 284.4.1.Mary’s Burial PAGEREF _Toc534506761 h…

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