Media portrayal of depression after the German wings

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Media portrayal of depression after the German wings

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Introduction March 24, 2015, plane crash received global media coverage with the concerns of a limitation regarding the management of stigma associated with mental illness. The basic assumption is that the media coverage on the attitudes linked with mental health has greatly impacted the public perception. Also, the alleged murder-suicide by the co-pilot that resulted in the death of 150 individual, all passengers and crew members, was associated with a long period of depression. The association is viewed to elevate anger, fear and the need for social distance from individuals perceived to suffer from mental issues. BackgroundGoulden et al. (2011) explain that in the past few years, several attempts have been made to decrease the stigma associated with mental illness. The associated notion is that the media plays a significant role in spreading the stigma. The ideology is that the media is highly implicated when it comes to the stigmatizing opinions that the public has against individuals suffering from mental issues. The stigma subjected to the individuals is described as stereotypical negative ideologies and behaviour that individuals with mental illness experience from the public (Link 2001, 363). The stereotypical opinions held by the public is that such people are unpredictable, strange, incurable and dangerous. According to Goulden et al. (2011), "The extensive literature on media coverage of mental illness points to its frequent use of such ideas." Most of the studies regarding the media and its impact on…

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