Free My thesis title is carbon footprint calculations with different carbon calculators. Carbon footprint calculations in agriculture. Dissertation Example

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My thesis title is carbon footprint calculations with different carbon calculators. Carbon footprint calculations in agriculture.

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Carbon footprint calculations in agriculture
Carbon footprint is as a result of greenhouse gas that is emitted from agricultural activities and products.
The intensity of the emission of these gases of farm activities has called upon the interest of scientists. There are numerous calculation tools for working out the rate of greenhouse gas production. Carbon footprinting is a method applicable in assessing and comparing GHG emissions from agricultural activities together with considerations to improve efficiencies. To perform the project on carbon footprint calculations, carbon calculators are necessary. In the scheme on carbon dating the research question will be; how is carbon footprinting carried out using the carbon calculators? Which other fields is carbon footprinting applicable and do they have similar applications?
Climatic changes pose a challenge to agriculture, and it is as a result of GHG emissions.
The .world most known environmental concern is on climate changes. The primary source of the climatic difference is the levels of carbon (IV) oxide produced into the atmosphere. The gas is emitted during fossil fuel combustion in energy extraction. Apart from combustion carbon (IV) oxide which is also a greenhouse gas can be emitted from agricultural activities and products (Goodier, 2011, pg. 2). Climatic changes pose a challenge to agriculture, and it is as a result of GHG emissions. Therefore how does greenhouse gas emission cause climatic changes and what influence does it have on farming? What precautions must be put into practice to minimize the effects of emissions to the atmosphere?
Numerous carbon footprinting calculators can be used in the computation of GHG emissions but with different effectiveness.
Carbon footprinting is a quantitative measure of GHG emissions, and it assists in emissions management and examination of mitigation measures. Essential sources of radiation can be detected and methods of reducing the emission be given priority. For the footprinting calculations of carbon, the GHG discharge in every step of the lifecycle for the sources is conducted and is known as GHG accounting (Goodier, 2011, pg. 2). Some of the standard tools which will be used as calculators for GHG emissions are identified as GHG protocol, public specifications like (PAS 2050) and an intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC). GHG has two parts where part one is dealing with carbon footprinting applicable for organizations and part 2 deal with specific activities and projects that results in such emissions. PAS 250 provides the requirement for examining the cycle GHG emissions of products. It prepares a conventional method for evaluation of carbon footprints of agricultural factors. The research questions will be, which way is useful in a calculation of carbon footprints? What agrarian activities contribute to greenhouse gas emissions? Why does the level of GHG emissions differ from one agricultural business and products to the other?
The GHG emissions have significant sources from agricultural products and activities which call for a great concern to control the emissions.
Several farms use the carbon footprint in determines how much gases are emitted into the atmosphere due to agricultural activities (Goodier, 2011, pg. 2). The project is to identify various agrarian farms and identify which methods they use to detect emissions? These farms will be recognized in different locations to examine if GHG effects change with geographical location. What causes the disparity in a variation of the GHG emissions in the farms? Most farms will apply the tools to identify the gases produces from the agricultural activities within their farms. Which agrarian movement emits more of the GHG gases into the atmosphere? Apparently, we have agricultural products which also serve to be essential in the human diet and economic stability. Every farm will prefer to produce a product depending on the market reliability and profitability. The question for research is which products form a significant part of the GHG emissions into the atmosphere? Then how will agricultural activities be affected by the report provided on GHG emissions from farms?
Goodier, C. I. (2011).Carbon footprint calculator. © SAGE Publications. Pg. 1-6

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