Organizational Sustainability Research Report

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Organizational Sustainability Research Report

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The company I will be analyzing and researching about is Apple Inc. Apple is an American technology company dealing with the manufacture and selling of consumer electronics, computer software, as well as online services. The company was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronal Wayne, and has its headquarters in California, United States. I selected Apple since like any other organization, it faces sustainability challenges and I would like to find out how it handles and deals with such problems. Sustainability has become a mainstream issue especially for leading companies (Benn, Edwards & Williams, 2014).

Organizational Sustainability Research Report

Steve Jobs played a significant role leading Apple to success using different leadership styles. He contributed towards achieving sustainable organizational change through his different leadership styles (Xue, 2016). Apple has also been consistent in creativity and innovation. It has also had several changes in the company leadership particularly after the death of Steve Jobs. Tim Cook was named the new C.E.O of the company and through his experience working for Apple and other computer companies, he was able to steer apple towards the right direction. However, the company has been facing several sustainability challenges such as low working conditions in their supply chains such as Foxconn. The man competitors have been Microsoft, HP, Google, and Amazon. However, the company’s innovativeness and launch of new products have enabled the company to continuу generate sales. Besides being an opportunity, technological innovation is also a threat to Apple. The company has been facing competition from Samsung as well. The management ensures sustainability by offering excellent customer service as well as improving their customer experience (Johnson, 2012). They also maintain high quality in their products which are one reason why people purchase Apple products. Apple’s sustainability is also contributed to by CSR. The company has created over five thousand jobs in the United States. It has a responsive CSR and acts as an excellent corporate citizen attuned to mitigating any existing or anticipated adverse effects from business (Patricia & Barajas, 2012).
Keywords: Innovation, good Customers service, quality products, competition, organizational sustainability, leadership.
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