Psychoanalysis Treatment in Addiction

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Psychoanalysis Treatment in Addiction

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Abstract Substance abuse or addiction is the compulsion to use a specific type of drug on a continuous basis without having to realize its negative impacts. Even if these victims realize these effects, they are unable to get rid of this bad habit. With many methods suggested to improve the condition of these addicts, one of the most common ones is psychoanalysis. This is a way to use human brain to assist him to overcome this compulsion. This study is targeted to analyze the strength of role psychoanalysis plays in treating substance abuse. For the research, primary data is collected from healthcare providers and they have some deep insights into the matter. The final results of the study are not only expected to help the medical healthcare providers striving to make people clinically healthy but will make it easier for healthcare policy makers to observe the effects of this intervention so that they can form the health-related policies accordingly. In a long-run, the results of the study are expected to help the domain to a wide extent. Psychoanalysis Treatment in Addiction Introduction Addiction is a compulsion do to something on a loop with or without having to realize how harmful it can be for the addicted person or people around him. A person addicted to any type of habit usually does not realize that his addiction might be ruining his life by reducing his physical, social, mental and intellectual involvement in his surroundings. This addiction might start very small but has the ability to affect the person for the…

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