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Public speaking 1

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Public Speaking 1
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Public Speaking 1
Passion not only natures human existence but also fuels motivation and unlocks a myriad of opportunities. It is a form of enthusiasm that excites life. People who are passionate about their life, experience, goals, and work possess more positive energy than their indifferent counterparts. Harms (2016) defines passion as a form of physical, emotional, and spiritual strength, which drives people into focusing on their efforts. While it can push individuals into finding ways that will continually improve their life, passion can also be destructive and limiting. For instance, when people dress up for sporting events and engage in disrespectful acts such as harassment, they compromise the true meaning of passion. As some people misuse their enthusiasm to be disrespectful, others channel it towards the realization of great things. According to Harms (2016), people with passion can be likened to magnets. They attract supporters, enthusiasts, devotees, and helpers in the realization of their ambition.
Bill Gates is an excellent example of inspiring people who have demonstrated that passion is a critical aspect of success. Long before creating Microsoft, he worked as an amateur programmer. His love for computers started even before joining high school. It is critical to note that while he was in eighth grade, his brilliance amazed his instructors to the point of excusing him from some classes so that he could focus on designing things such as video games. Despite being an average teenage boy, he snuck out of his house every night and spent a significant amount of time teaching himself about coding. His passion and obvious brilliance for programming and technology motivated him into joining Harvard. However, he dropped out of university due to disinterest in the curriculum just like many gifted students. Irrespective of the many setbacks that he endured, Gates soldiered on to build a significant company in the programming world that continues to solidify its existence since its inception.
Harms, P. D. (2016). Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. Personnel Psychology, 69(4), 1021-1024.

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