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Public Speaking

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Public speaking is one of the most effective ways through which an individual can communicate a particular message to an audience. Diction is one of the key influencers to the reaction of the audience to a speech during public speaking apart from nonverbal cues. The choice of wording used in the dialogue by the communicator either may trigger the reactions of the audience positively or negatively depending on the nature of the words used (Dossett, 2012). The use of trigger words in public speaking draws the attention of the audience. Care should be taken, however, in using words that are of a fragile nature to ensure consistency of focus by the audience.

During an environmental science conference held in August 2018 at the University of Central Florida in Orlando city in Florida, USA, I listened to one of the key speakers delivering his speech. He used the word “global warming” as a trigger word to alarm the audience on the effects of pollution on the environment (Dossett, 2012). His emphasis on global warming was meant to sensitize the audience that they had a role to play in minimizing environmental pollution in their areas of occupation. The use of the word “global warming” by the speaker in his speech affected my response to the topic by increasing my awareness of the effects of environmental pollution which I considered while asking questions.

My response to the topic was mainly about ways through which I could decrease environmental pollution at an individual level (Dossett, 2012). In my opinion, the use of trigger words by the speaker did not manipulate my understanding of the topic but instead increased my knowledge about environmental pollution. However, after the speaker concluded his speech I conducted research using the internet to confirm whether global warming is an effect of environmental pollution, which I proved to be true. Through exploration, individuals can gain control over their reactions to different trigger words used during public speaking.

Dossett, S. (2012, October 17). Trigger words: What are they and when can I pull the trigger?

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