Redesign curriculum of accounting

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Redesign curriculum of accounting

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Redesign the Accounting Curriculum Recently accounting has made significant impacts on political and socioeconomic developments especially in interpretation, recording, investment, management, auditing, and preparing. Also, more impacts in decision making include; storage, merger and acquisition, planning and controlling of business operations. There are factors which have led to redesigning of accounting curriculum and include; innovation, globalization, changes in business environment, skills required for an accountant to play his role effectively and the experiences learners need to improve on their previous experiences to move broader and deeper and more complex application and understanding. Therefore, for an accounting to maintain its relevance, it has to keep evolving with the changing environment. The research instruments used in this paper to collect data are interviewee and survey questioner. The paper also aims to provide the framework for theories used, diagrams and study design. Study theories Curriculum theory This study will be based on accounting curriculum theories; curriculum theory- which focuses on the design and development of curricula. This theory is fundamentally concerned with the historical analysis, values, methods of viewing current educational curriculum, policy decisions and theorize the curricula about the future. By using the curriculum will be able to understand the trends in accounting by learning the historical performance and be able to predict the future thus shaping the…

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