Reputational risk of tax avoidance

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Reputational risk of tax avoidance

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REPUTATIONAL RISK OF TAX AVOIDANCE Abstract The data analysis for this paper was done using the year 2007 excel. The aim was to use various techniques to prove H1, H2 and H3. Ten UK based companies were utilized for this paper. The calculation is done separately to show the regression both before and after adverse media selection in September 2014.The analysis confirms that nearly all firms were affected by the unfavorable media attention. The methods used include regression, trends and change in stocks. The multiplier R is the correlation coefficient which indicates the strength of the linear relationship. The analysis proved hypotheses because nearly all the firms reported the decrease in stock prices during the period of adverse media attention. Comparing the change in stocks for the selected companies during and before the news on unfavorable media attention, one can observe the percentage changes in stock at this particular period. The research has proven the H1, H2 and H3.The research and analysis have confirmed that news about tax avoidance has an impact on reducing revenue for the following months. The hypothesis that News about tax avoidance hurts firm’s market performance is proven by both the trend in stock prices and change in companies' inventory. Key words: regression, stock prices, adverse, media attention, multiplier, hypothesis Chapter 4: Analysis results Regression analysis Testing H1 A ten year period of ETR is compared against the income tax for the ten years. The calculation is done separately to…

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