Rhetorical Analysis Outline

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Rhetorical Analysis Outline

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Name Professor Course Date Article Analysis I. Introduction Social media platforms were introduced to be entertainment tools but have currently been the most important part of our lives. Most young people are spending more time on social media than when studying, sleeping or doing anything else constructive. The phone is the first thing they look at in the morning and the last thing they check at night. To use a social media account personal information is a requirement. The information on the social site is available for anyone to see; thus it allows predators to gather material about their target and utilize it to exploit them. II. Summary of the RHETORICAL SITUATION o What is the issue? (It may help to state it as a yes-no question, even if the answer is not ultimately yes or no.) Sharing of personal information without owner’s consent. o What's the context (the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed)? Numerous companies utilize our information to manipulate us and earn more profit. For instance, Facebook collects our information from what we post, likes, photos and things we engage into both when we are offline and online and can sell it to data brokers. o Who is making the argument? What are their credentials? Do they make contact information available? Do any biases seem evident? Cambridge Analyst, news articles and commentators are the teams arguing that Facebook has a lot of crucial…

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