Road Pavement Design Report

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Road Pavement Design Report

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Road Pavement Design Report Executive Summary A road pavement also referred to as a road surface, is a durable surface material that is laid on a surface that is required to sustain foot traffic or vehicular traffic or both. Such surfaces include roads and walkways. Different methods are used in Australia and other parts of the world in the design of pavements, and with the current advancements in technology, the making of pavements has been significantly revolutionized. This engineering report encompasses four pavement design technologies that can be implemented to ensure sustainability and efficiency in the design of pavements. One of these pavement design technology is the design of an unbound granular, flexible pavement surfaced with a bituminous layer. In this pavement design method, thin bituminous surfacing is not adequately taken into account for the impact of traffic loads. Furthermore, the unbound granular materials are characterized regarding their California Bearing Ratio (CBR). Another pavement design technique is the flexible pavement design of flexible pavements, that is, an asphalt pavement comprising of cemented subbase material and an unbound granular layer. A flexible pavement has a characteristically less flexural strength, and it acts as a flexible sheet. This is in contrast to rigid pavements where the wheel loads can be transferred to the subgrade soil, courtesy of the flexural strength of the soil. Rigid pavement design involves the use of cement concrete. This design is based on the provision of a…

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