Stakeholder Analysis

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Stakeholder Analysis

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Seeking Skills, Finding Barriers: Vocational Training in Punjab

Stakeholder Analysis

During Phase 1, the importance and influence of stakeholders in the vocational training in Punjab were analyzed. The case study of the project presented various stakeholders who engage in developing the program and those who are affected by it negatively and positively. The analysis focuses on the role of the Punjab government and agencies, Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF), private organizations, the British aid agency, the Department for International Development (DFID), and the people of Punjab as the key stakeholders with substantial impact on the progress of the training program.
The analysis was accomplished through a framework that identified the key and secondary stakeholders in the project and then identified their level of operation, which placed them as international, national, and regional actors. The framework also upheld the importance/influence matrix, which informed on the impact and contribution the roles of different stakeholders had on the program. This was premised on the notion that stakeholders can have a positive or a negative contribution to the training program.
The additional information required includes the statistical aspects that can support the claims made in the analysis of the contribution of each stakeholder. Additionally, interviews and research findings with the individuals and entities engaged in strategizing for the program. These would enhance the analysis by drawing on the specific, purposeful discussions that contribute to the development of the project (Saunders, Lewis, & Thornhill, 2008).
The strengths of the analysis are centered on identifying the specific roles of the stakeholders and how they interact to influence the project. This is reflected in the influence/importance matrix.
The limitations experienced stem from the lack of clear insights into the contributions of some of the stakeholders. Resultantly, this led to identifying and analyzing stakeholders based on assumptions on how their roles would affect the project. Additionally, some stakeholders have the same impact on the project but are classified differently. Also, the use of the importance/influence matrix lays significant emphasis on the relationship between the stakeholder and the project, without a focus on how the particular stakeholders interact with each other.
Part 2: Preliminary Stakeholder Analysis for the Proposed Punjab Skills Development Program

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: Part 2: Preliminary Stakeholder Analysis for the Proposed Punjab Skills Development Program

Saunders, M., Lewis, P., & Thornhill, A. (2008). Business methods for business students. Pearson Education Limited.

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