Sustainable Concrete

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Sustainable Concrete

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Sustainable Concrete Name University Abstract The research on sustainable materials has mainly been based on wastes from industrial processes and recyclable materials and how they can be used in construction. The primary objective has been to ensure the utilization of materials that ensure the preservation of the environment, save materials and ensure that the materials used are durable. Some of the cementitious components used are rice husk ash, silica fume and fly ash and have been shown to make concrete more durable. Sustainable concrete requires little energy, leads to minimize waste production, is made from materials that exist in abundance in nature, is made with recycled or recyclable materials, contains high thermal mass and should ensure the durability of structures. Structures made from sustainable concrete have minimal effects on the environment during its usage and its lifecycle. Sustainable concrete takes into account the short-term and long-term effects on the environment. Generally, the addition of fly ash to a certain degree increases the C-S-H crystals while reducing the porosity at the interface of the concrete Keywords: Sustainable, Fly ash, Concrete, Microstructure Sustainable Concrete Increase in human population over the years has led to concurrent growth in physical and infrastructural developments. Concrete is the most popular building material that is primarily based on the use of cement and it has been one of the major components used in this development as it is one of the major…

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