The European Union legitimacy crisis: causes and solutions

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The European Union legitimacy crisis: causes and solutions

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center610 UG COURSEWORK FEEDBACK SHEET School of Politics and International Relations Use your 9 digit student number only: do NOT use your name anywhere on your coursework. Work must be submitted by QMPlus by the stated deadline date and time. By submitting this coversheet, you: declare that the writing-up of this coursework is your own unaided work; declare that you have read, fully understood, and completely abided by QMUL’s Academic Regulations, including those pertaining to assessment offences; understand that your coursework will be submitted to the anti-plagiarism software Turnitin. STUDENT NUMBER MODULE CODE/ COURSEWORK TITLE POL388: Dissertation WORD COUNT: 14, 031 words A First Class B Upper Second C Lower Second D Third E Deficient F Fail Task fulfilment Research Quality of Argument Structure Presentation Representation of Sources COMBINED MARKERS’ FEEDBACK Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc511596680 h 41.Introduction PAGEREF _Toc511596681 h 42.Literature review PAGEREF _Toc511596682 h 52.1 Currency Unions, the Eurozone, and the existing Fiscal Policy PAGEREF _Toc511596683 h 62.2 Crisis in Europe PAGEREF _Toc511596684 h 72.3 Legitimacy crisis in smaller countries such as Europe PAGEREF _Toc511596685 h 82.4 Fiscal Policy and its Importance in Eurozone Maintenance PAGEREF _Toc511596686 h 92.5 Events and consequences of the Crisis PAGEREF _Toc511596687 h 93.Legitimacy and economic Consequence of this Crisis PAGEREF _Toc511596688 h 133.1 Setting the Stage PAGEREF…

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