The Impact of Nurse Residency

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The Impact of Nurse Residency

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The Impact of Nurse Residency/Transition Programs in Reducing Work Bullying, Stress, Burnout and Violence among New Graduate Registered Nurses Analysis There were 7 out of the 10 articles discussed that showed the issues of bullying and violence as a culture in nursing. Cantrell examined the prevalence of the newly graduated nurses concerning their vulnerability through surveying 550 of them (190). According to the survey, more than half (57%) of those who participated said that they have experienced being undervalued by others, this is according to Beecroft, Dorey, Wenten (200). Out of this, there were 35% reported to have experienced their learning process prevented by the other nurses. Additionally, there were 22% claimed that they would be threatened by the others if they had spoken about the issues that they were facing. From the experiment, there were a total of 70 newly graduated nurses who stated that they experienced neglect. This constitutes 33 % of the nurses who participated in the experiment. Also, there were 39% of them felt that they were distressed by at least some form of conflict with the other nurses. The other finding was that 49% of the nurses felt that there was little or lack of the necessary supervision and support when they needed them. From the same incidences, there were 40% who described the involvement with the others as being majorly rude. In this analysis, there were ten related studies that analyzed the impacts of the nurse residency and transition programs on the newly graduated nurses…

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