Yoga in Honk-Kong: An Explorative Study

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Yoga in Honk-Kong: An Explorative Study

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The dominance in popularity of women associated with yoga explores gender-based issues that have influenced sporting and fitness activities and in this case yoga. The adoption of Yoga into west5ern society has made it a practice for women, and this has significantly limited men from using the practice for fitness purposes. One of the societies where yoga has been adopted is in Hong Kong. Hong Kong represents a modern society dedicated to elements of good health and wellness and yoga has grown as an excellent option for fitness and wellness for many in society. Yoga was first developed as a method of spiritual development and evolution, but through the years it has evolved into methods used for developing fitness, stress reduction as well as the management of a good and healthy lifestyle. It has also been used primarily in western society for the rehabilitation of psychological, social, and physical problems. It has been used to return people to good health. It bears excellent health benefits that improve general health and wellbeing. Aims and Purpose of the Paper The research is aimed at exploring the social factors that influence the practice of yoga. Gender-based issues affect yoga, and this is in regards to the fact that it is mostly a practice dominated by women and has, therefore, been considered for a long time as a feminine activity. These are notions that have affected the pursuit of healthiness through the use of the practice of yoga. Hong Kong is part of the world that the popularity of yoga has also…

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