Access to a lawyer in the EU

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Access to a lawyer in the EU

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Access to a Lawyer in the EU Name Institution Abstract One of the most famous human rights policies in the EU is the Directive 2013/48/EU, and this was the directive that was passed across by the European Parliament and the European Council. This directive was passed in the year 2013 and mainly talks of the right of the persons accused, the main right for the accused is the allowance to access the lawyer in spite of the condition that they are in. Despite the crimes that they have committed, the accused person or the custodians have to be given their rights just like the other members of the public. This directive also applies to all the other arrest warrants that take place in Europe. It also addresses the fundamental right of the third party to get the information on the liberty deprivation. There is also the consultation with the consular authorities while treating the accused individual. For the countries that fall within the European Union, this is a privilege that all the accused persons must be given. Failure to allow the custodian to access a lawyer means an infringement of their rights. This is contrary to EU freedom and rights implementations. The union also addresses the ability to maintain the development of the freedom in the area and the security of justice. This paper looks at the overall right to access a lawyer and the related cases within the EU. Keywords: European Union Lawyer, custodian right, custodian right, custodial legal assistance, EU procedural right Directives, Salduz, criminal…

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