Business Practices and Environment

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Business Practices and Environment

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The primary message sent out by climate science has been sending out is the v essence of beginning to disinvest in fossil fuels. In view of this, leaning towards clean energy is now viewed as the most appropriate approach of keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius as suggested by Storm (1307). Despite that, some mainstream climate economists contend that the conventionally set climate targets are overly ambitious since they can hurt the economies. In particular, the costs of prompt decarbonization are too high for most enterprises to adopt. Due to the issue, economists recommend lowering the initial carbon prices and raising them afterward. Their ideas are linked with the social welfare function of classical economics, who assert that discounting goods using the rate of social discount that is consistent with the current return rates is the most compelling way of distributing economic resources. Regarding environmental degradation, it is better to prioritize on allocating the scarce resources to ventures with the highest yields and using the generated revenues to finance proven cost-effective technologies of mitigating climate change in the future. In this essay, there is an evaluation of the morality of the recently adopted measures of controlling carbon emissions by businesses. The Ethics of Environmental Protection Ecosystems act as a coherent and holistic system. Different elements rely on one another collateralized debt obligations by capturing and placing nature in the care of enterprises to extract value…

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