Concept of Business Communication

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Concept of Business Communication

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The concept of Business Communication

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The concept of Business Communication: Leadership and Communication

In the modern era of growing digitalization, communication has become a critical aspect of business success. Notably, companies hire employees with resilient communication skills to promote both persuasion and responsibility. Employees in managerial positions realize a broad range of tasks related to leading, directing, planning, and monitoring. It is critical to note that effective realization of these tasks relies on the manager’s capability to motivate and inspire others. Perfect and precise communication is of utmost significance in this case.
Average managers spend around seventy to ninety percent of their time interacting with other teams and employees at the workplace. Effective communication allows these managers to lead effectively. It is vital for managers and their followers to acquire appropriate interaction techniques as this promotes sufficient realization of tasks. Also, perfect communication in the workplace enables organizations to attain success and growth. Luthra and Dahiya (2015) assert that good leadership entails the capacity to not only take charge but also direct, stimulate, and encourage others. Good leaders possess an attitude to persuade their supporters and make them follow their goals.
For leaders to realize their tasks successfully, they must be able to communicate meritoriously. Leaders must have exceptional skills sets that will allow them to take charge and mentor others who lack similar abilities. Excellent communication is a critical aspect of sufficient leadership. It is worth to note that great leaders such as Winston Churchill boasted of resilient communication and oratory skills. Such leaders possess clear sets of values, which they always promote and inculcate on their followers. Aside from communicating confidently, leaders who are excellent communicators always strive to gain more knowledge. While interacting with others, they possess the capacity to resonate with ambitions and passions.
Luthra, A. & Dahiya, R. (2015). Effective leadership is all about communicating effectively: Connecting leadership and communication. International Journal of Management & Business Studies, 5(3): 43-48. Retrieved from

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