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Data Collection

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Data collection is a critical aspect of any research because it is associated with gathering relevant information regarding the variables of the research which would then be used for measuring and analysis. Data collection is thus an important aspect because the information collected is used to determine and evaluate the outcomes of research, test hypotheses and answer the research questions. It is thus a very common aspect of research in many fields of study. One significant aspect of data collection is precision which can be used to institute the truthfulness of the research (Abowitz, & Toole, 2010).
Validity and accuracy are two important elements that are used to measure the efficiency of the process of data collection. Validity is associated with accuracy. It is an indication of how sound the research is based on the collected data. The data is thus considered valid if it is used to measure what the research intends to. The validity of data collection thus implies that the information and findings collected are true representations of the phenomenon the research intends to measure. It is, therefore, important for research to make valid claims and this can be made possible through a collection of data with a high level of validity (Abowitz, & Toole, 2010).
Another important aspect is reliability. Reliability is a word connected with consistency. It denotes the degree to which data can be reproduced. Reliable data is data that is sufficient and is completely free from error. It is, therefore, data that is convincing based on its context as well as its purpose for the research. A major threat to the reliability of a set of data is bias, and this can be reduced by re-testing or making sure that the instruments used for the data collection are efficient (Yasar, & Cogenli, 2014).

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