Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Workforce Challenges

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Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Workforce Challenges

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Abstract The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) continues to struggle with retaining the top cyber workforce talent necessary to maintain a sustainable and ready force to conduct strategic cyber operations. This has been brought about by the fierce competition emerging from the private sector. The effort of the DoD to retain its cyber workforce is challenged by the low salary and benefits as compared to the higher wages and benefits provided by the private sector for cyber professionals. This has created a crisis in DoD, necessitating the organization to take innovative action and implement strategies to improve its efforts to retain top cyber talent. One of the suggested strategies includes improving wages, benefits, and work environment. Other strategies should entail partnering with private companies and learning institutions to ensure a sufficient cyber workforce is retained within DoD. Numerous strategies can be implemented to ensure DoD has a long-lasting solution to retaining top cyber talent. This Strategic Research Paper will identify the issues surrounding why DoD cannot retain its top cyber talent, and recommend strategies and solutions that it can adapt for retaining, and managing it cyber workforce. Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Workforce Challenges In the past two decades, the number and sophistication of cyber-attacks have grown exponentially. Consequently, the Department of the Defense (DoD) has intensified its war against cyber-invaders by creating some of the best security systems and programs. DoD…

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