Draft Chapter 5: Conclusion

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Draft Chapter 5: Conclusion

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Draft Chapter 5: Conclusion Students Name Institution Implications Research indicates that there is a direct relationship between depression and work performance. The major depressive disorder has the effect of increasing lost productive time which is the reduced performance while an employee is at work. However, depression can be treated using the cognitive behavioral therapy which is empirically-validated psychotherapy that is endorsed for first-line management of depression. Depression has the effect of increased absenteeism and presenteeism. Presenteeism is linked with more serious depression symptoms such as worse general physical health, less job control, and others (Lerner et al., 2010). On the other hand, absences are linked with depression severity and decreased bodily health. Depression symptoms are associated with work absences and impaired work performance. Depressed employees can benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy. It is a strategy that addresses problems increases happiness by changing dysfunctional emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. This method focuses on getting solutions by trying to alter inaccurate cognitions and transform destructive patterns of behavior. The study is essential for participants since it indicates that depression affects how they perform at work and therefore it is a severe condition that requires treatment. The use of cognitive behavioral therapy is effective in addressing the condition, and consequently, they need to work with mental health professionals so that they…

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