Drug and Drug users

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Drug and Drug users

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Drug and Drug Users
In partial fulfillment of this Master’s program, I intend to research on drugs and drug users for my dissertation. With the circulation of psychoactive drugs such as heroin or cocaine and alcohol coupled with tobacco, it is clear that it is past time we as human beings did something to stop this issue. Krusi et al. (2010) opine that drugs are slowly becoming more affordable and children are getting more exposed to the vice. Therefore, this topic runs to the core of society and is very close to my heart because of the role of my predecessors in creative writing and film arts.
To some extent, films encourage people to use drugs. In particular, by portraying drugs as something that the wealthy use and are addicted on, some movies create a popular perception of these harmful substances and encourage drug use. Thus, there is an adverse and direct impact of witnessing drug use in movies. The dissertation will answer the following questions: How does film depict drugs and drug users? Is this depiction accurate or inaccurate?
I have had a first-hand experience in the impact of drug addiction on a majority of the youth and the stigma they face as a result of it. Films also depict how drug users are next to criminals. Additionally, it is unfortunate that those in positions of influence, such as media personalities have done very little to end this stigma. If anything, the media is a massive contributor to the stigma through how it villainizes drug addicts. Pictures circulated by the media portray drug addicts as destitute, dirty and filthy with an insatiable hunger for drugs that they are willing to do absolutely anything to get them. Photos like those by Ahmed (2015) and Russell (2014) below that show addicts as deplorable human beings inform the perception of society towards these individuals.
Adapted from Ahmed (2015)

Adapted from Russell (2014)
However, if society has to make any positive steps towards addressing the drug abuse menace, it has to begin with a change of perception. The dissertation aims to explore the origins of these misconceptions and the effects they have caused in the society. The dissertation will go further to elaborate on contemporary forms of drug abuse and the causes thereof and hope to find solutions to curb the menace. Through creative writing, I shall research on what has been done in the field before, explore the gaps and come up with viable solutions for the problem. This project will go a long way in educating society on the realities of drug abuse and drug addiction, emphasizing the fact that addiction is a mental illness that needs addressing as opposed to stigmatization.
In conclusion, the results of my project will show in part present recommendations on how the society can move forward and help these individuals. According to Ali et al. (2015), drug abuse is an international epidemic that has to be addressed. Further, the World Health Organization (n.d.) reveals that there are over 3 billion users of drugs in the world, and this is a worrying trend that has to be stopped. The recommendations from my report will provide insight on how to eliminate drugs from circulation to minors, as well as how to help drug users recover from their plight. Some of the potential solutions include educating as well as empowering the youth, treating drug use as a disease and so forth. Addressing this societal plague will enable male youth to go back to work and positively contribute to the economy while all the same doing away with other vices that come about with drugs and drug abuse (Solis, 2018).

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