Gender in Sense and Sensibility

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Gender in Sense and Sensibility

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Gender in Sense and Sensibility. In gender in sense and sensibility, the main characters are two women, Elinor and Marianne. One of the women represents the spirit, and the other serves to provide an understanding of mind, or rather, sensibility. In the book, the future of the female characters solely depends on the kind of men they marry. In the long run, not all of them can marry an able man, which leaves them on a dilemma to start searching for different ways of earning wealth for themselves. Other women have a controlling power on their husbands. Hence they can obtain what they want from the men. Although men are often the dominant race in society, some women stand out and become a better version of the dominant men. However, women are not recognized regardless of their efforts. Women are considered the weaker gender in societies. Although some women try to become significant members of their organizations, they are often forced to conform to ideologies formulated by male-dominated perceptions regarding the definition of the perfect woman. First and foremost, inheritance is usually a critical element, is beneficial to one's life, and is everyone in the society is entitled to their heritage. However, on taking a quick look at the novel, the women are not accorded the rights to any inheritance and the laws that determine who inherits specific properties leave women in a dilemma (Austen 60). Their lack of money and resources also puts them in undesirable situations. There are also…

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