Good Leadership

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Good Leadership

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Good Leadership Name: Institution Abstract I will discuss good leadership and the ethical values attached to good leadership in this paper. My argument regarding my thesis for his paper is that good leadership can be learned, and good leaders must be ethical in their operations. Therefore, every leader striving to be good in his or her leadership must develop desirable ethical skills that can take an organization to the higher level. Moreover, good and moral leadership has a close association to the emotional intelligence (Davies & Davies, 2015). Therefore, the paper will cover the relationship between good and ethical leadership and the emotional intelligence of a leader. This paper will start with including the relationship between good and ethical leadership and the emotional intelligence. Then the paper will then cover some of the essential qualities of a good leader such as self-awareness, self-direction, ability to motivate, social awareness, and vision. Moreover, the paper will also cover the development of such skills by the leader. Introduction A simple definition of leadership is the art of guiding other people with the intention of creating desired results deliberately. However, good leadership is more than producing results. A good leader must be in a position of bringing the people together with the aim of overcoming a challenging situation and achieving the desired results ethically (Martin, Vaught, & Solomon, 2010). Good leaders can change the fortunes of failing organizations into a…

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