How physical appearance impacts athletes’ income.

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How physical appearance impacts athletes’ income.

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Review of literature As Dr. Daniel Hamermeshput it: “Modern society is obsessed with beauty” (Hamermesh, 2011, p. 3).In 2005, the average American husbandspent 32 minutes of his day bathing, dressing, and grooming. Meanwhile, the average American wife spent 44 minutes engaging in these activities on a daily basis.Additionally, no age limit on vanity was found. The average single American woman, age 70 and older, devoted43 minutes daily to these activities(Hamermesh, Frazis&Stewart, 2005). Modern society also spends billions on beauty enhancing products. According to the 2008 Consumer Expenditure Survey, the average American household spent $718 on women’s and girls’ clothing, $427 on men’s and boy’s clothing, and $655 on infant’s apparel. Such spending totaled roughly $400 billion and accounted for nearly 5% of all consumer spending that year (Hamermesh, 2011). The crucial role of beauty in society was evident in the results of a 2004 telephone survey conducted in the United States. According to these randomly selected respondents, discrimination based on physical appearance and economic status was more predominant than discrimination based on ethnicity. In the same way, this cohort reported having been victims of discrimination based on appearance more frequently thanany other form of discrimination(Kuran&McCaffery, 2004). The importance of physical appearance expands worldwide. In China, for the 2008 Summer Olympics, producers put a cutter girl on stage and had her lip-sync the singing of a…

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