Free Increasing awareness of invisible disabilities in elementary STEM education in China Dissertation Example

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Increasing awareness of invisible disabilities in elementary STEM education in China

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Stem Education in China
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Stem Education in China
There is a need to become aware about the invisible disabilities in China. About 10 million children have dyslexia and awareness of this condition is low here (Yiwen, 2018). Responsible governments and communities must create programs like early childhood STEM education to address the needs of individual learners. There are several reasons why invisible disabilities were ignored or unidentified in China. The main reason is the lack of awareness for them (Yiwen, 2018). This stems from the denial or neglect of the learners with invisible disabilities in the STEM classroom, which is discouraging to students.
Besides, as the number of people with invisible disabilities increases, ignoring their needs has led to a high number of uneducated Chinese. There is a need to apply the social construction perspective of disability to interrogating the issue of inclusive STEM education in China to unlock many insights (Yiwen, 2018). Further, it is important for China to adopt inclusive education for its entire population. The change in curricula, policy and information technology should concentrate on the role of STEM for education, especially for those with the invisible disabilities. This step will help the country to advance human rights and spur social equality.
Yiwen, C. (2018). How Dyslexia Remains Invisible in Chinese Schools. Sixth Tone.

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