Interpretivist Ethnography Approach

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Interpretivist Ethnography Approach

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AMPLIFYING FORGOTTEN VOICES: EXAMINING THE DISCONNECT BETWEEN KARELA RESIDENTS AND GOVERNMENT POLICY Name Tutor Institution City Date Abstract The article is a research proposal article aimed to examine the disconnection between Kerala government and government policy. Kerala is one of the poor localities in India, but many studies have always praised the region, using it as an example in many cases, because of its success and well-being despite the low GDP. The paper notes that previous studies always appear to take a positivist approach without considering how the citizens feel. The paper, therefore, is written as a proposal to research that first acknowledges the three mass problems affecting the regions; which include access to clean water, uninhabitable living conditions and low-class mobility, but much attention is given to how the residents feel. The research questions, therefore, revolve around how the residents respond to NGO and governmental efforts; whether or not the residents feel their needs are being met; and the resident’s expectations from the government, which also explains their belief on the government enacting change. Given that previous studies have taken the positivist approach, the proposal aims research that will take the ethnographic structure, an interpretive approach. Keywords: Kerala, GDP, government policy, the well-being of residents Introduction In many cases, it can be said it is not what a person has that forms the basis of their success but how they handle or use as they…

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