Journey to the end of the night Celine ferdinand

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Journey to the end of the night Celine ferdinand

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Journey to the End of the Night By (Name) Code Name Professor Name University Name City, State Date Introduction The term “ideology” can be said to refer to a set of either ideas or ideas that are usually structured in a certain system that defines a particular policy. Ideologies stand for different perceptions and distinct beliefs. Having a closer look at the outstanding novel authored back in the early 20 the Century, “Journey to the End of the Night,” one can easily identify myriad of events that can be attributed to not only political ideologies but also the concepts and policies that are structured in a manner that defines the aesthetic values of the policy. “Journey to the End of the Night,” is regarded as a semi-autobiographical novel depicting the complete life of antihero, Ferdinand Bardamu. This is the initial literary work ever written by the French-based successful author, Louis-Ferdinand Celine in memory of traumas and life miseries that he went through as a medical doctor during the First World War. In the novel, Celine describes his character, Ferdinand Bardamu, as a true hero who suffers through a long spell full if tragedies despite being a medical professional. As the author describes various events in the novels’ setting, different incidences of the political and aesthetic ideologies are revealed. These beliefs aim at revolutionizing the fabric society in which the author feels it is incomplete and there is need to reverse most of the things for the betterment of the human life.…

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