King Solomon versus King Ahab

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King Solomon versus King Ahab

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King Solomon versus King Ahab The set of warnings outlined in part of the Mosaic Law in Deuteronomy 17: 14-20 requires Israelites to choose a king who is a native of Israel. The king should neither amass wealth at the expense of his subjects nor acquire many wives, for they will turn his heart away from the Lord. The prospective king is to make a copy of the Law on a scroll and consult it all his life. Additionally, he should fear and adore the Lord in equal measure for him to be blessed by God. The Lord also instructs the king not to deviate from the law that will be issued to him. Failure to adhere warrants a short reign amongst the king’s lineage. Psalms 72, on the other hand, in a prayer to God by King David, outlines the qualities of a righteous king. In the same chapter, the rewards of a king, who reveres God, are also listed. Among the many traits listed, are his wise and fair judgments when presented with disputes among his subjects, seeking justice for the weak, and defending the helpless. He was given the responsibility of crushing any oppressor of the innocent. Upon fulfillment of all the requirements, the king will be blessed with long life, prosperity, and fame. An evaluation of the two chapters shows that a good king should be compassionate when dealing with the needy and helpless, should be fair in his decisions when solving conflicts between two feuding parties, and should not lust after women and wealth. Moreover, he should respect the Law of the Lord for as long as he lives. Additionally, the king…

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