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Literature Review

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Abstract People cannot live without food. It is responsible for our growth and brain development. However, dieting is important. Today, obesity and being overweight are public concerns. Awareness has been carried out to educate people on the best way to maintain good health. The increase in cases of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases has also led to an increase in awareness. Even though, people still do not understand their best diet. In fact, the increase in the number of fast food selling fatty foods demonstrates why people do not watch what they eat and the amount of fat and calories they take. In this regard, this paper reviews pieces of literature on the topic to understand the impact of fat on our health. It reviews numerous studies done by different authors to investigate the effects of various foods on our health and the best meals and diets that will maintain our health. Key Words: nutrients, fat, proteins. Chapter 2: Literature Review2.1. Fried Food Consumption and Average Intake of Dietary Fat In the past three decades, obesity or being overweight has been cited as a growing public health concern, primarily due to its prevalence among younger people. Among the various factors that contribute to the health problem attributing to obesity, a persistent dietary pattern that influences the increasing epidemic and shifts away from healthier options is the consumption of fried foods. When people fry their food in oil, the food absorbs the oil while losing water as lipids are exchanged with the frying…

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