Personality Tests

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Personality Tests

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Name Instructor Course Date Personality Tests The Big Five Personality Test Openness The openness dimension provided a score that I would say truly defines who I am. An 81% score is based on the innate character that I possess. I am always open to new ideas, whether personal or initiated by other people. I often find myself creating imaginative pictures of situations or events and how I would have them take a perfect shape or an ideal form. I love art, I always find myself going to museums whenever an opportunity arises. I enjoy being in art conventions since I find pleasure in exploring other people’s creative ideas. Additionally, I don’t mind going out for a spontaneous hiking event with some friends. Conscientiousness In this dimension, I scored a 77% which I would say, perfectly defines my personality. I have always been the person that gets everything done in an orderly manner since my childhood. While I might have had some instances where laxity caught up with me, most of the time is where I find my room being neat. I hate seeing untidy clothes or utensils. That’s why I prefer living in a clean and conducive environment where everything harmoniously reflects the same. Moreover, even in my studies, I prefer doing things in an organized manner. As a result, I have always found my life to be well-organized and orderly. Extraversion Extraversion counts as one of my trait that can be easily recognized. While I might not be over-extravert, I consider my inclination towards other people as…

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