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Personality Tests

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Personality Tests
The Big Five Personality Test
The openness dimension provided a score that I would say truly defines who I am. An 81% score is based on the innate character that I possess. I am always open to new ideas, whether personal or initiated by other people. I often find myself creating imaginative pictures of situations or events and how I would have them take a perfect shape or an ideal form.
I love art, I always find myself going to museums whenever an opportunity arises. I enjoy being in art conventions since I find pleasure in exploring other people’s creative ideas. Additionally, I don’t mind going out for a spontaneous hiking event with some friends.
In this dimension, I scored a 77% which I would say, perfectly defines my personality. I have always been the person that gets everything done in an orderly manner since my childhood. While I might have had some instances where laxity caught up with me, most of the time is where I find my room being neat. I hate seeing untidy clothes or utensils. That’s why I prefer living in a clean and conducive environment where everything harmoniously reflects the same. Moreover, even in my studies, I prefer doing things in an organized manner. As a result, I have always found my life to be well-organized and orderly.
Extraversion counts as one of my trait that can be easily recognized. While I might not be over-extravert, I consider my inclination towards other people as commendable. This goes a long way to explain the reason why I scored a 75% on this dimension. I easily get along with people. One reason I attribute to this aspect is that I have a warm heart and I tend to hold onto positive emotions. Consequently, I’ m excited by the people that surround me, easily striking a chord with new people. Socially, I admit that I easily connect with people.
In this dimension, I scored 79% which according to the test, is a high score. The results indicate that I am a kind and compassionate person. I agree with the results in this dimension as I love engaging in charitable work. It’s easy for me to share what I have, even when I know it’s small. This often complements my ability to make new friends and keep them. I have to agree another facet of this dimension, with the score is that I am tender-minded. That’s because I’m greatly concerned with other people’s problems. To sum up this, I sympathize with other people and connect to their feelings.
Neuroticism was the last score provided in the Big Five Personality Test, which I scored a mere 10%. Having understood what this dimension entails, I feel the score was appropriate for me. While it’s okay to feel emotionally down, it’s easy for me to control most of my emotions. For example, I tend to control my anger even when someone might have exceeded the limits in offending me. Additionally, I control my fears and that’s another good reason of this fair score. Unlike others who are afraid of failure, I understand that failure presents an opportunity where I can thrive, a lesson that helps me to remain focused whenever a new opportunity arises. I have been able to gain confidence and face my fears.
The mind test score gave me a 71%. As previously mentioned in the Big Five Personality test, I am an open minded person, who likes socializing with people. It has always been easy for me to connect with other people. It’s true, because it hard for me to live without seeing a friend several times in a week. I enjoy being supported by my family and friends and being involved in social events. It’s pleasure to make other people happy.
In this dimension, I garnered a 51% score. This score was just slightly higher than on intuition. As such, my score indicates that my sense of imaginations is lower and prioritization of facts and practicality is often close to heart. I consider myself an individual who prefers dealing with factual things. In fact, I have a tendency to believe in what I see. However, I still have an open door to imaginations since the passion for art calls for an imaginative and creative mind.
I scored a 67% on this dimension. I think that I didn’t deserve the score. I believe that I am emotionally stable and it’s easy to strike a balance even when events turn out to be emotional. As previously outlined in the previous Big Five test, I tend to sympathize with others, sharing in their feelings and helping them through their emotions. That’s a reason why I enjoy serving others and participating meaningfully in serving others. However, one challenging aspect that might have contributed to the high score in this part is that I don’t like when people don’t appreciate what I do. While I have learnt to control my emotions, it still doesn’t sound right when a person demeans the good you do.
The judging perspective was another aspect that I received a higher score. A 58% score indicates that I am quite judgmental. The positive aspect of this score is that I have always been a person who strategizes before taking action. I have been hailed by most of my colleagues as an organized person, responsible, and often hold ethics in all my endeavors. I believe in my ambitions and thus, I am always adhere to my future plans and always strive to achieve them.
The two tests are highly inspirational. I would say that they have helped me unravel and understand my personality in a better perspective. However, each test bases their perception of individual personality from a different perspective. Apparently, that implies that they appeal at different levels to individuals taking the two tests. Personally, I find the Big Five Personality Test more appealing and more impressive. That’s not because much of what I scored was high, but because the test provided a clearer picture of what the test’s scores meant. The five dimensions used in the test covers literary every aspect of an individual character. The test has given me the opportunity to unravel my personality, understanding every score that I garnered. For my opinion each test is worthwhile and served the best purpose of informing and educating me on the positions that I stand in terms of personality. References
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