Prison reform

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Prison reform

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Globally, incarceration is perceived as the best approach of combating delinquency. It serves as both a punishment and as a form of deterrence. It involves imprisonment accompanied by correctional activities. It denies the offenders their freedom to move and restricts it to the involved facility, as punishment for their crimes and violation of laws. Though the main purpose of this imprisonment is punishment, it serves as a form of deterrence. It aids in warning the offenders against future crime. It also shows potential offenders what to expect if they engage in criminal activities, thus discouraging offenders. However, there is need to develop and implement prison reforms in the USA. Prison reforms aim at improving the conditions inside prisons and implementing alternatives to incarceration. This paper focuses on the latter agenda of promoting rehabilitation as an alternative to incarceration using the social learning theory. Thesis Statement Researchers have put to question the effectiveness of incarceration as a method of punishments. Although incarceration may be effective for some crimes, rehabilitation is perceived as being more effective in the prevention of criminal activities. Failures of Incarceration Incarceration rates have been on the rise in recent decades. Imprisonment is so common now that people accept it as a normal part of life. This fact becomes even more apparent when the imprisoned criminals serve their time and rejoin the streets in no time (Gleissner n.p.). The process that is meant as…

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