Result and analysis

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Result and analysis

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Result and analysis of Energy Audit in Saudi Arabian Mosque Results and Analysis The identification of the energy baseline and infrastructure benchmarking has facilitated the provisioning of potential for energy saving in the Al-Noor Mosque. This section will focus on different energy saving opportunities through simulation of different scenarios and EEM models. It is also of vital importance to assess the performance of the mosque based on different engineering design along with operational strategies by the utilization of data gathered in energy audit of Al-Noor Mosque. The relationship between the climatic changes in Jeddah and its impact on the energy utilization is also of importance considering the potential for energy saving. Hence, the comparison between the results obtained from the energy audit comprising of site measurement data together with the output of the building simulation would also facilitate potentials for energy saving of Al Noor Mosque. Validation of Measured Data and Building Simulation Results The validation of measured data can be achieved via building simulation through eQuest software. Hence, it is very important to match between the site measurement data and output result of baseline model for data validation of simulation results. In order to achieve that the energy consumption in kWh for the month of November, 2017 was compared with the monthly energy consumption for the same month, as got it from computer simulation model. It is so because actual site measurement has been taken during this…

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