Risk Management In field of Quality Management

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Risk Management In field of Quality Management

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Risk Management in MEMS and NEMS Manufacturing Facility [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Research Design and Methodology Risk assessment in MEMS and NEMS manufacturing environment requires the data to be gathered pertinent to the organization's structure and production facility. This includes the understanding of internal as well as external risks associated with the organization. Considering the basic risk assessment would require following steps to be included in the risk assessment: Establishment of the context Identification of possible risks Qualitative analysis of risk and its evaluation Risk Treatment Monitoring and Review of Associated Risk Establishment of Context In this step, the context of the organization is defined that is its business environment. It implies that the term “context” can encompass the very definition of external as well as internal conditions and factors that can have an impact on the organization’s approach (clause 3.01, ISO 9001:2015) based on its products (clause 3.47, ISO 9001:2015), investments, services (clause 3.48, ISO 9001:2015) and most importantly, interested parties (clause 3.02, ISO 9001:2015). Based on the risk assessment framework, the MEMS and NEMS-based industry must have to demonstrate its willingness and capability to facilitate deliverance timely and quality based products that are timely and most importantly, meeting with the regulatory and customer's requirement having the aim to enhance the customer satisfaction. Hence, it is of…

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