Should the UN intervene into to oppressive regimes?

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Should the UN intervene into to oppressive regimes?

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Should The UN Intervene Into To Oppressive Regimes? A comparative examination of the legal and human rights justifications for intervening in Afghanistan and Libya and the inaction in Syria. Name Institution Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Declaration PAGEREF _Toc528254492 h 3Abstract PAGEREF _Toc528254493 h 5Introduction PAGEREF _Toc528254494 h 6Study Questions PAGEREF _Toc528254495 h 8Aims and Objectives of the Study PAGEREF _Toc528254496 h 9Research Methodology and Material PAGEREF _Toc528254497 h 9Statement of the Thesis Problem PAGEREF _Toc528254498 h 10Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc528254499 h 11Role of the United Nations PAGEREF _Toc528254500 h 11Findings and Discussion PAGEREF _Toc528254501 h 16The United Nations interventions PAGEREF _Toc528254502 h 16The history of the united nation PAGEREF _Toc528254503 h 20The Dumbarton Oak Proposal PAGEREF _Toc528254504 h 24Various functions of the united nation organs PAGEREF _Toc528254505 h 31Peacekeeping, and Peace Building process in the united nation PAGEREF _Toc528254506 h 33Functions of the military actions PAGEREF _Toc528254507 h 33Control of arms and disarmament PAGEREF _Toc528254508 h 34Legal Basis for the intervention and the use of force throughout Afghanistan PAGEREF _Toc528254509 h 42Crisis in Libya PAGEREF _Toc528254510 h 43United nation intervention in the Libya crisis PAGEREF _Toc528254511 h 46The situation in Syria in comparison to Afghanistan and Libya crisis: Reasons why the United Nations failed to act or intervene PAGEREF _Toc528254512 h 48Various…

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