SME Mobile B2B Application 2

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SME Mobile B2B Application 2

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SME Mobile B2B Application Developing a business app for company X to meet the functional, structural, and resource requirement objectives should be based on several attributes to ensure that it addresses the needs of the business. Overall, the current literature on the use of smartphone apps is encouraging. According to a research conducted by Dennison et al., (2013), customers prefer the flexible apps given the ease of use and tracking as well as the wealth of information they can acquire about the products and services of an entity. The owner of a smartphone can access the apps at any time, thus providing convenience to the users. In this regard, the project leading to the development of an app for Company X to connect with the customers is grounded on strong theoretical support and models. For the effective functioning of a mobile app. Scholars point out that the functional requirements are a critical issue that should be incorporated. In his study on the critical requirements needed on mobile apps, Sarsa (2017) notes that the applications should address the functional needs of the business while fulfilling the customer preferences. As a result, the author recommends an app that integrates data, backend services, deployment, loggings, interfaces, and analytics as some of the functional features that mobile apps should have. In this regard, given the need of the current app is to enhance the interaction of the entity with the user, the functional requirement objective can be achieved by building an app that has…

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