SME Product Development A3 Map

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SME Product Development A3 Map

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SME PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT A3 MAP By Class Tutor Course Date SME PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT A3 MAP Client’s Requirement Mobile apps are a significant development that revolutionizes business transactions. In the last three years, mobile phone use has increased by 57.5 percent, while the time spent on mobile apps is approximately 80 percent. This indicates the potential for using mobile apps in business. Given the potential provided by mobile apps, the aim is to develop a scoping study to determine the requirements of developing a business app by Company X. This study shall strengthen Company X’s potential to: Be Visible to customers at all times Create a direct marketing channel Provide value to your customers Build brand and recognition Improve customer engagement Stand out from the competition Objectives To clarify the functional, structural, and resource requirements for the completion of the project by looking at APP features, Stakeholder mapping, and supporting needs. To determine the economic necessity of the app by looking at the cost versus benefits and Porter’s five forces. To understand external factors; regulation, and changes in technology To increase connection with customers by eradicating ineffective and costly physical models connecting with customers and increasing the visibility of Company X in the market. Supporting Evidence Stakeholder management theory: Customers prefer flexible apps given the ease of use and tracking as well as information they can acquire on the products and…

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