Amarica’s malls final paper

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Amarica’s malls final paper

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AMERICA’S MALLS AND DEPARTMENT STORES CRISIS AND HOW TO AVOID THIS PHENOMENON IN EUROPE NAME: Course: Tutor: University: City: Date: Abstract The United States is currently undergoing a crisis in its retail industry. There have been numerous closures of shopping malls and department stores. While others are getting closed down, others remain struggling as they file for bankruptcy. Apart from those getting closed down or struggling, there are certain shopping malls that continue to record increase in sales. The situation is not easily understandable. A lot has been written on the subject although the actual situation still remains unclear. This thesis paper aims to provide clarity on the actual situation facing America’s shopping malls and department stores. This thesis employed the use of various research methodologies; both primary and secondary. Literature survey, as a secondary research methodology, was used in this research. Relevant information on the topic was collected and analyzed. Online survey and interviews were the primary research methodologies used in this research. The data collected, both qualitative and quantitative, were analyzed. According to the data analyzed, America’s shopping malls and department stores are alive; though sales have dropped and some are getting closed down. But still, a lot of retail activity still takes place in the shopping malls and department stores. Lack of customer experience in the malls was determined as the main reason for the numerous closures of shopping…

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