Computer Systems Architecture

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Computer Systems Architecture

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date WinTop Inc. Customer Registration System Purpose The report provides an architectural system overview within WinTop, Inc. using various architectural perspectives to illustrate various features of their customer registration system. The report captures and conveys the fundamental decisions that one makes interacting with the system. WinTop, Inc. intends to come up with a system that enables customers to set and operate accounts with minimal assistance. Scope The Software Architecture Documentation avails the overview of the customer registration architecture. The customer registration system would get deployed within WinTop, Inc.’s website for buyers to it access from any location. The document is primarily obtained from WinTop, Inc.’s customer registration Analysis and Design. Architectural Representation The architectural document gets represented in the different forms not limited to deployment, process, logical and use case views. According to Bass, Clements, and Kazman, there are no other distinguished implementations of the application other than the explanations given in the proposal, (13). These are the views developed in the Unified Modeling Language (UML) model. Architectural Goals and Constraints The proposal outlines important system constraints considered fundamental to the architecture. The requirements and limitations include but not limited to: The existing customer registration process requires a review, and the new customer…

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