Cyber Attack and Non-State Actors in Ad Bellum

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Cyber Attack and Non-State Actors in Ad Bellum

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Cyber Attack and Non-State Actors in Ad Bellum I want to give a declaration that the thesis is my original work and all the ideas reflected here are my original proposals and things that have never been submitted anywhere to award the certificates or for the degree. In case some ideas are foreign or those that have been borrowed from other authors and researchers, they have been duly cited at the authors have been given the best credit that is due. I also want to declare that this work also adheres to all the academic requirements especially those that are concerned with the demands of academic standards. I would like to dedicate this work to several people army who have suffered at the hands of cyber threats. I a dedicating this work to the people who have struggled at the hands of the poor laws that have not addressed the problem of cyber attack. These people have lost their close relatives and friends, this work is dedicated to you, and I am hoping that the work will be of help to society to move forward in finding ways to deal with the cyber-attack at the international level. I also wish those who have struggled to find out the rules that are necessary to implement against cyber-attacks. I don't want to dedicate this work to my supervisor who has shown me the right procedures to do at the cyber-attack at international level and the role of non-state actors in international law especially those dealing with cyber attacks. AcknowledgmentI want to give a shout an acknowledgement to the following people and…

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