Drones in law enforcement

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Drones in law enforcement

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The Effectiveness of Drones in Law Enforcement Student Name Institution Affiliation THE EFFECTIVENESS OF DRONES IN LAW ENFORCEMENT Background of the Study With the advancements made in the law enforcement sector, different measures have been taken to ensure that nations protect themselves with the increasing threats and violence. Advancements and diversifications in law enforcement agencies have enabled such agencies in the hiring and retention of the best in the field of law enforcement (U.S. Department of Justice [USDOJ], 2016). Among the advancements in use in law enforcement include the use of unmanned aerial vehicles also known as drones. As far as law enforcement is concerned, there are rules and regulation regarding the flying and the use of drones on the public (Cracknell, 2017). In law enforcement, drones in most cases make use of current technologies such as facial recognition and infrared imaging meant to ensure that various law enforcement agencies effectively perform their duties (Lord, 2017). The use of drones in law enforcement does not only apply in the local jurisdiction, but international jurisdictions have also used drones. In the fight against counterterrorism especially in the Middle East, drones have been used as an effective strategy (Mir & Moore, 2018). Problem Statement Drones have been on the rise in matters relating to law enforcement. Due to the increased use of drones in law enforcement, the number of criminal activities has greatly reduced. The decrease in crime levels can be…

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