Employer branding and its influence on employee retention

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Employer branding and its influence on employee retention

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Effects of Employer branding on employees
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Effects of Employer Branding on Employees
The business environment in the contemporary world is experiencing rapid changes due to the revolutionary influence of strategies to enhance customer satisfaction. Notably, Leekha Chhabra and Sharma (2014; p. 48), connoted that organizations around the globe are experiencing same challenges thus making is essential for organizations to develop a team of talented employees for sustainable competitiveness. The management of Employer brand has been a significant tool that has been used to support the recruitment process of skilled personnel in achieving the bottom line of an organization. An explicit definition of Employer branding is the long-term and continuous effort by an organization to attract talented personnel and ability to retain them to promote competitive advantage (Leekha Chhabra and Sharma, 2014; p. 48). This means that the employer branding is essential in strategy in value proposition towards employee retention in an organization. Additionally, it calls organizational, creative communication and performance measurement towards achieving this process. Therefore, the employee engagement with the employer brings about positive influence in the performance. This paper primarily discusses the employer branding and its significance on the employees in an organization.
Problem Statement
This paper intends to determining employer branding and its influence on employees’ retention in an organization.
Literature Review
The Human resource marketing has a significant role in managing labor resources of an organization and ensuring retention of competent employees and outsourcing talented personnel. . This process consists of comprehensive outlook on elements such as motivation and developing outstanding organization culture that value employee. Through the step, the Human resource management will ensure collective ideas that influence current and potential employees view the organization. Accord to Leekha Chhabra and Sharma (2014; p. 48), employer brand positively affects the employee retention due to the effective engagement through effective communication in an organization. During the process of engagement the organization can battle for successful decision with the aid of talented employees.
In conclusion, the employer brand has a positive impact on an organization going concern alongside developing a critical competitive advantage (Leekha Chhabra and Sharma, 2014; p. 48). Therefore, the human resource management can attract and retain talented employees through motivation, building affecting engagement and accommodating employee creatively and innovativeness on customer satisfaction.

Leekha Chhabra, N. and Sharma, S. (2014). Employer branding: strategy for improving employer attractiveness. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 22(1), pp.48-60.

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