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Parramatta Light Rail Feasibility Report Executive Summary The Parramatta Light Rail project is recommended to be implanted within the defined locations to improve the general infrastructure that leads to economic growth. This report provides an extensive insight into the project. It is captured in this report that the "Business Connect program" for the transport for the NSW section will be responsible for linking various business activities directly to the Department of Industry. The introduction of several business entities in the Sydney CBD means that people will have to cover reduced distances to access the proposed light rail services. The proposed light rail system will positively impact the tourism sector as there will be improved transport in the Sydney town and the neighborhoods. This is due to the fact that the city has numerous tourist attraction sites, hence improved accessibility will lead to improved revenue resulting from a large number of both domestic and international tourists. Besides, the recommended light rail will increase employment opportunities to both skilled and unskilled labour. Despite the positive impacts linked with completion of the project, the Parramatta Light Rail is projected to be associated with different emerging issues such as traffic congestion, negative perceptions, and air pollution. Parramatta Light Rail Feasibility ReportIntroduction In the primordial times when urban centres were developing, roads were the primary mode of transport. However, as these urban centres developed,…

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