Subjective Recruiting and Hiring

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Subjective Recruiting and Hiring

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Unbiased Hiring Process Cannot Be Resolved with Artificial Intelligence Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Unbiased Hiring Process Cannot Be Resolved with Artificial Intelligence Introduction The hiring process involves the interviewers hiring the highly qualified employee for a specific position in a company. As a result, not all applicants who apply for a particular position get to be hired. There exists a specific criterion that interviewers or a company use in hiring or selecting potential employees for a vacancy. The criterion can be subjective or objective. Subjective recruitment process involves personal feelings, opinions, and perspectives of the interviewer interfering with the decision-making process. The particular traditional approach to hiring and recruiting may contribute to bias and prevent an interviewer from hiring the most qualified and relevant candidate (Breaugh, 2013). On the other hand, objective hiring involves assessing the most qualified candidate without any bias. Objective recruiting and hiring mostly focuses on assessing the skills and qualifications of a candidate without the interviewer developing personal feelings, opinions, or perspectives. The understanding of the two facets of recruiting and hiring shapes the direction for this particular study. In this case, the study will involve the assessment of the prevalence of subjective recruitment and hiring. Subjective recruitment suffices to be one of the oldest approaches to hiring whereby interviewers mostly assessed…

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